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Processing of Electric Arc furnace dust

solutions-showcase-furnace-dust-processing-picThe customer has decided to perform a process engineering due diligence evaluation of Electric Arc Furnace Dust processing for a client who was considering using the technology for the purposes of building a new production plant. It was decided to revive its research and development work done earlier. Electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) is generated by Steel mills as a byproduct from production of steel. Steel mills use steel scrap as a main source of raw material. Customer made a decision to demonstrate a new HTMR system which could be applied on site of Steel mills as part of their existing manufacturing system. It would result in elimination of transportation cost and environmental liabilities. The demonstration plant experimental work objectives were to optimize the HTMR process and prove its capability to recycle/reuse metal bearing raw materials such as EAFD on site of the generator and by doing so eliminate disposal or high service charges. During the process the Zn, Pb and Cd is separated in a controlled environment from EAFD and metal concentrate, which meets specification for its reuse in metal refineries. The goal of this demonstration plant was to achieve highest efficiency of metal recovery by establishing an optimum thermo-reaction regime and optimum combination of other key parameters.

The challenges of the project:

  • Process technology evaluation
  • Process technology due diligence
  • Preliminary process design evaluation to determine the technical and economic viability of the facility prior to full scale plant design
  • Product specification review
  • Third party process design review
  • Operating cost and profitability analysis support
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