HOMEProcessing of solvents by vacuum distillation

Processing of solvent based waste sludge and residues, recovery of solvents by vacuum distillation

case-study-vacuum-distillation-picOur company was approached by waste management company to create the distillation system to evaporate valuable solvent from the sludge and solid residual materials. Due to the difficulty to efficiently evaporate solvent from such a matrix we have decided to use activated fluidized evaporation system for recovering solvent from solid and sludge residual materials. The principal advancements of the system were the use media to open the matrix of the residual materials to increase the heat transfer during the evaporation of the solvents and beside solvent recovery create the final solid material which could be used on the market as a product. The solvent was recovered with developed equipment and utilizing vacuum thus the gas emissions were small. After lab testing and small pilot size unit we were again approached to design and build the demonstration plant.

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