T-Chem designs and produces variety of the equipment to meet client’s requirement and needs. Our products are scalable and available from lab size devices to large scale units for industrial use or academic research.

Company's range of products include:

  • pilot and laboratory scale modular systems for process testing and development
  • demonstration plants to emulate chemical processes and to confirm design characteristic
  • skid-mounted units, provision of modular concept better suited for commercial scale process development
  • plant design and construction capabilities with capacity and requirements dictated by your application
  • special equipment and machine design and production
  • refurbishing and retrofit of old and used equipment
  • thermo processing equipment
  • lab size control systems
  • custom made control systems, retrofit and implementation
  • process data acquisition systems (DAQ)

Data collected from bench scale operations are used to scale up the equipment to pilot or production size, and reveal bottlenecks and other process problems to allow designers to make corrections before the full scale system is in place.

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