HOMERecovery of Sodium Hydroxide by-product

Recovery of Sodium Hydroxide by-product

solutions-showcase-sodium-hydroxide-recovery-picObjective of this project was to develop the technology to recycle spent sodium hydroxide, generated from testing facility and utilize it as a byproduct. The focus of experimental work was based on developing recycle or reusing alternatives for sodium hydroxide. This was accomplished by dissolving spent sodium hydroxide in a controlled environment to meet specification for its reuse. After liquid/solid separation process was solved, different techniques were tested to optimize the overall technology. Filtration through filter press was chosen for the best results of separation.

Goals of the project to meet:

  • Product purification
  • Feasibility studies
  • Front end engineering design study
  • Technical alternatives evaluation
  • Reactor design
  • Technology alternatives evaluation
  • Detailed process design
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