HOMERecycling of diatomaceous earth

Recycling of diatomaceous earth

solutions-showcase-diatomaceous-earth-picDiatomaceous earth material is very expensive filter aid media used in food industry. After use, it contains organic residue which can be dried and oxidized in the process which does not change the properties of the original material. The system for recycling used diatomaceous earth material consisted of unit to indirectly dry spent material and unit to indirectly calcine that material to achieve quality, suitable for using this material in the same process or in other applications.

Tasks involved in this project:

  • Evaluate new type of recycling system and provide engineering support to scale up the pilot scale process to large scale production
  • Review existing data to define the critical process parameters
  • Recommend additional testing to clarify the critical process parameters
  • Evaluate the quality of the product and its application options
  • Equipment evaluation and sizing
  • Pilot to production process scale-up
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