T-Chem has expertise in developing and implementing process alternatives, from concept to completion and the management skills to provide innovative solutions.

T-Chem provides engineering and consulting services, development, integration, management and technological support to our clients in the following activities:

  • metal recovery
    zinc, copper, nickel, vanadium ...
  • calcining
    rotary tube furnaces, direct and indirect heated furnaces
  • drying
    direct and indirect heated dryers, rotary dryers, fluidized driers
  • evaporation
    evaporators for liquids and sludge, distillation equipment
  • filtration
    filter press, cartridge filters, solids separation from gas through filter media, solids separation from liquid with pressure or vacuum liquid filtration
  • granulation
    agglomeration, extrusion and shaping, rotary drum granulator, fluidized granulator
  • pilot plant design and fabrication
  • sizing up and design of full scale process
  • air pollution control
  • turn-key solutions of designing the technology for chemical processes
  • design and build new and retrofit used equipment
  • process control & data acquisition systems
  • on-site service, off-site service
  • plant acquisition, technical evaluation, due diligence support
  • upgrade study and recommendations for improving the processes
  • project management and construction subcontracting
  • start-up assistance and operator training

Company's contract services include:

  • development activities to support chemists, microbiologists, food technologists, engineers
  • provide support in the commercialization of new processes and products
  • assists customers in defining return-on-investment economics when comparing new or developmental processes to existing operations
  • lab scale development, includes:
    • process investigation
    • analytical testing
    • lab scale testing
    • process gas testing
    • process development
    • implementation of new features and technologies
    • heat and mass balance calculations
    • emission calculations
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